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I wanted to throw my military jacket over this and really fall it up today but it’s kind of hot this week and while it would make for the cutest outfit, I’m trying to be more present with my thoughts and actions. Wow, I know — that’s quite existential for an outfit post and for it being this early in the morning. But I was talking with a friend the other day about worrying and anxiety and other things that haunt me at night and she gave me solid advice that I can’t quite remember in her exact words. In my defense, I’m a terrible listener. But it was something along the lines of being fully present always and being thankful for the moment you are in right now. I usually reserve this type of advice for those moments you truly want to be in — the good ones, the happy ones, the meaningful ones. I usually want to escape the other moments — I’m really good at that, too. To be honest my mind is usually somewhere else while my body is trying to do many different things at one time. I don’t think to be present in the things I do every day, I just do them like a machine. But what if even in the details, like how I got dressed today, helped me  I mean you have to start somewhere right?

I tend to rush seasons with my clothes anyways. I get so excited for the next that I forget the now. So although I have the cutest military jacket from bloom hanging in my closet, it’s still warm* here and I’ll just have to wait for when it is cool.  But for now, I’m happy to be in a tee with an almost excessive amount of necklaces. I have no comment on this heat though. 

*I’m being polite. It’s not warm, it’s effing hot. 


tee: j.crew

skirt: loft

shoes: c/o ivanka trump

bag: madewell

necklaces: c/o bauble bar and here

bracelet: old navy (in-store)

  • Katelyn

    I'm horrible at staying in the present too. Always thinking and planning for the future, but it's been something I've tried to work on. Good luck! Oh and love the skirt!!

  • chelseaandthecity

    I LOVE this sweet tee Kendi! I'm having the same problem here in Florida. I'm so excited for Fall but it's in the 90s and I just can't handle any more layers.

    Chelsea & The City

  • kendall

    love the casual tee with that skirt!! x

    dipped in yellow

  • The In-Between

    I think this outfit is adorable as it is.
    I also suffer from getting excited for the next and forgetting the now. Cheers to being present!

  • Danielle

    I recently wrote a post about staying in the present as well. Sometimes it's so easy to jump ahead planning for the future, but I find for my own sense of gratitude I need to embrace where I am right now. Here's my post if you're interested in reading Cheers Kendi! PS: 3 necklaces isn't really that excessive anyway πŸ˜‰

  • Bridget

    i keep wanting to jump the gun and go full throttle into fall clothes!
    you look great.
    love this whole ensemble.


  • alison*elle

    It's been hard for me to step back from the Fall clothes too… outerwear is just calling my name! But I think this outfit looks great just the way it is!

    xo, alison*elle

  • Charlotte Hanley

    Thank you for acknowledging it is not Fall weather yet! I'm so annoyed at all the blogs wishing away the present and rushing to Fall. It's my favorite season by far, but its still summer for crying out loud! And I live in the northeast, so it's not even effing hot right now. Love the tee too.

  • The Twirl Team

    I feel you with the heat thing…i really just want to wear my riding boots but i cant because its hot and summer. I love the skirt with that bracelet…too cute

  • Classy Chic & Chardonnay

    I'm so excited for fall as well but not quite cool enough to bust out the jackets but can't wait for when it is! But I'm thinking of this as more time to wear my favorite summer outfits!
    Classy Chic & Chardonnay

  • Trendy Mondays

    What a fun tee. And good job on not jumping into fall. It seems like the fashion/blog worlds are already into fall and considering winter! Live in the moment – great advice indeed!

    Trendy Mondays – your online destination for Indie European designs.

  • Natali

    Great tote and skirt!

  • Terra Baro

    love the shirt!
    so pretty!


  • Always Maylee

    Love the tee with that skirt. You look beautiful! And it's always great to live in the present, you got some great advice! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  • Shannon Willardson

    Loving this skirt!


  • Dana

    loving your skirt! great outfit

    The Casual Classic

  • Rebecca Lately

    You look gorgeous, Kendi!!

  • J is for Jessica

    UH, I know, I live just North of you (read: Oklahoma plains, hotter than (fill in the blank) ) and I can't stand it! You should really write a philosophy book on style…how often we jump to the next season rather than living in the now. So true!

  • photosbyjaana

    One of my favorite quotes: "If you are depressed you are living in the past, if you are anxious you are living in the future, if you are at peace, you are living in the present"

  • Grace Beekman

    Great look! I'm holding out on the fall clothing too…though I am SO tempted to open up my bin of sweaters and just crank up the air conditioning! πŸ˜‰ Love the skirt!

  • Rosely Carrasco

    You look great; cute shoes. Weather here is always effing hot so I know how you feel.

  • Jandan

    I hear ya! I'm in Austin and it feels like a steam bath everytime I go outside. Can't wait to throw on a sweater and wear my boots!

  • Mia Moore

    It's SO hot. Seriously. You made the right choice.

    I need to be more present too… good advice!

  • sofaastrout

    I feel you. It's effin hot here too. I haven't even bothered with cute outfits lately but I know I should suck it up and make the most of this hot weather.

  • Dani

    Oh my gosh, I am so having the same problem right now! It's just waaay to hot out to be fall cute, like I want to be. Every day I seem to get dressed and say "ARGH this would be SO much cuter with my cream sweater and new riding boots!" But I probably should wait til' it's like, 80 out, instead of 109.

  • Sarah H.

    I feel so enlightened! Maybe it was what you said or maybe it's just the ethereal lighting in these photos.

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

  • Jennifer
  • lena
  • Meghan

    Did the double looped gold chain also come from bauble bar? I saw that necklace on a girl at target and wondered where it came from! I love it!

  • Abby

    STILL HOT in Texas, amirite? That skirt is adorable and I love the pattern.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  • pretty little things

    I've been eyeing up that tee – love the way you styled in here! xo

  • Mj Rdn
  • Stephanie

    Love this outfit and love this post! It's a great way to think in general. I definitely need to be more present in what I do and appreciate my days. Thanks Kendi! xo

  • Modern Day Mummying

    LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes!!

  • katrina mae

    Oh Kendi… My husband is the same way about constantly living in either the past or the future. Never the present. Never the now. It's actually a very scary thing – he gets so bad where, take for example, he's applying for a job? And he's already worrying about what he's going to do AFTER THE JOB ENDS (it's a temporary gig). I have to shake him and remind him that – "DUDE, YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW IF YOU WILL GET THE JOB AND YOU ARE WORRYING ABOUT WHAT WE'LL DO AFTER YOU GET IT AND IT ENDS IN A YEAR???" ZOMG. Remind me again how we've been together for over 10 years. :-)

    Actually, I think he balances me out, because I'm a very NOW person – so much that I just go day to day – and it's fine by me. I'd probably be living out of a box on the street if it weren't for his worrying, so I'm sure that B balances you out, too :) But – I have to keep reminding my husband to focus on the NOW – the little things – because trust me, all these past moments, and all those future moments – are made up of all the great NOW moments – and when those slip by – you're just missing out on what life truly is! Life is the here and the now, even if it may seem mindless at times! Per the movie, "The Crow" – "Nothing is trivial. Nothing."

  • ashleigh

    Our entire society is like that. We worry too much about the future. Fall will come and have plenty of time for jackets. It's only going to be warm a little while longer. Enjoy the bare arms and legs while you can!
    Cute top!

  • Nikki

    this outfit is so pretty! and i love the gold jewelry. the bag rocks, too!


  • melissa rosenkilde

    Love that tee with that skirt! A military jacket would be cute too but i totally get you with the heat! Gross!

  • Tsangtastic

    Adorable tshirt dear ;))
    New post up…
    ❀ Jenny Tsang

  • Becky Kozak

    This is probably one of my fave outfits of yours of all time! Sometimes its so hard to be present, while worrying about everything else, but just gotta metaphorically punch those anxieties in the face! haha

    xo Becky
    Seductive Mania

  • Kymmie

    I couldn't agree more! Being present, TRULY present is a gift. We often overlook it, reflect on the past or look to the future. But the present is so awesome. Looking forward to seeing your military jacket though πŸ˜‰ I often peek, but don't comment. Love your blog, and it's on my blogroll! G'day from Australia. xxx

  • P.S. Lily Boutique
  • Paige Cassandra Flamm

    I love this post! So true! I'm definitely loving this t-shirt/skirt combo!


  • Leah S.

    Love the printed skirt with the tee! So cute.

  • Androbel

    Life gets crazy so we start moving as programmed computers. It's important to take a second and account for everything that happens. Only when you feel is when you really start living.

    Love your blog and love the way you write to your readers.



    Visit my blog:

  • Kelsey Wilburn

    darling skirt and love the light in these photos!

    kw ladies in navy

  • Jacy Tilton

    This tee is definitely on my wish list! It's so chic. And the way you styled it is perfectly done!!

  • Kaity

    I really, really love this tee. foreign languages are one of my big loves in life, so it's really just perfect. :)

  • Happinessatmidlife

    Love how you style this tee – I will need to keep as an inspiration. I picked up this tee during their recent sale and love it.


  • Audrey @ Putting Me Together

    I LOVE this skirt!

  • Laura

    Your skirt and shoes are amazing! I've been given the same advice and found it really difficult. So when I feel I'm not able to be 'in the now' I start concentrating on my tactile senses. What does the keyboard feel like, what can I hear, smell etc. That helps quite a lot for me.

  • Elisa Taviti

    Nice tee!

    xx Elisa
    My Fantabulous World

  • Mica

    Love that tee and skirt together. Such a beautifully printed skirt :)

    Great advice from your friend too!

    Away From The Blue

  • amy

    can you Please tell me what size you got in the kiss kiss tee?

  • Agi

    Love the tee and the outfit. I wish it was effing hot here. It's raining like it never wants to end.

    Check out my latest post:


  • Supal

    ugh just moved back from the UK and it was real fall weather out there and now I'm back in America and I seriously am melting. I wish I could pull out my trench and all!

  • Erica M

    I remember you saying a long while back that the outfits you had been posting in that time frame weren't really "you" and you were trying to get back to that, I hope you have because I've been way more drawn to what you've been posting lately than when you made that observation. Side note, I've been lusting after those heels but I'm not a heel person at all. How are they to walk in?

  • Clara

    it is not just a great tee, is also a great skirt… beautiful choices…

  • Caroline L.

    Amen, sister. I've been putting a lot of thought into being more present as well. I always make justifications for imagining the future and being excited about all that's to come, and I really need to be conscious of immersing myself fully in the present as well. Good luck to you on your goals regarding this!

    Such a cute outfit – it looks awesome as it is, and I bet that bloom army jacket has plenty of wear coming up! :)

  • Chacha Garcia

    Love reading your posts, you are super funny. Super cute outfit with or w/o the military jacket.

  • YoungMild&Free

    Ahh love that shirt from j.crew! I saw it the other day and I almost bought it. Love how you styled this!


  • Every New Day

    I literally yelled "BOOO!" when I looked at the weather app on my phone at 7:00 this morning and it said 81 degrees. Come on Texas…get your fall on already! I want to wear my military jacket too, dang it! πŸ˜‰

  • Amy

    I rarely comment on blogs, but that was brilliant. Thank you for pulling over at the rest stop.

  • Belated Bloomer

    Pile it on, Kendi! LOL Love piled necklaces…but my neck differs in opinion.


    aka The Belated Bloomer – Blog Giveaway Still Open!

  • Max Rose

    being present more often – something i'm sure many of us could do more often! i know i'm guilty of forgetting to do this!

    <3 max.
    petticoats & pantelones

  • Smart Dresser
  • Sophie

    I just love how you paired a casual shirt with a classy skirt. I love it