Fancy Friday

3.16.12e{Tee: Target | Skirt: Bloom | Jacket: Similar | Wedges: Similar}
I’ve been dreaming about maxi skirts and dresses all winter. AKA I’m warning you now because this is pretty much all I want to wear. I’ve had this skirt for a while (we got it in the store in late January) and I’ve been waiting to wear it for so long. (My timeline is a lot like a child’s timeline — so long = the month of February) Today is the day. Also, can I make Fancy Friday a thing in which we all wear our best to end the week? 
Oh. I think just heard everyone wearing jeans at work today groan. Fine, it isn’t a thing. Resume to your casual Friday shenanigans. 
Yes, this is day 5 on the denim jacket. I should probably wash it soon. And by soon I mean April. (See timeline equivalent above.)

  • Ashton

    I did Fancy Friday, too! I couldn't help it – I got some great basics from Ann Taylor's sale this week and just had to break them out asap! This outfit is sooo pretty, though. I don't usually like denim jackets, but you styled the whole outfit so well, and the colour of that skirt is amazing :)

  • Sonia

    Amazing skirt this look is so stunning !!

  • Elise

    Amazing outfit!

  • Fashion Monstre

    Ok love this outfit!! And I'm gonna need to find that jean jacket fast

  • Zlittle Saving With Style

    you look so stunning on that pink skirt. I think I am falling in love with maxi too this spring. Eventhough i am not as tall as you are i plan to wear maxi a lot this year

  • The Missus

    I like the knotted shirt. It's a good alternative to wearing a belt

  • Cate

    Love it! This adds two things to my shopping list. Maxi skirt and denim jacket. It's tricky to find a good jacket. It can't be too big or too small. Too dark or too light. I have also been wanting to wear a maxi skirt. I want a big tribal, ikat, or abstract print. A maxi dress is on my list too. For some reason, I don't have any of these items.

  • Sarah

    What a pretty skirt! That second picture is quite stunning

  • Faith

    Gorgeous skirt!