Pretty Pleats

1.4.12c{Similar Skirt, Similar Tee, Similar Blazer}

This skirt is easily becoming one of my favorite pieces to wear and remix. I feel elegant, maybe too elegant for my day job? But for my night job, it’s perfect. (night job = style blogger, duh.)
I don’t mean to sound like Ms. Zoe but this week is bananas. If I forget to post this week, apologies in advance. Please know that I am not forgetting to get dressed.
  • Jackie {York Avenue}

    That is a really pretty look! I like that you put the stripes with the skirt, it all looks really great.

  • Ingrid

    I look forward to your posts.. So glad you are back 😉

  • Y. Garza

    This would work for most jobs. Your style is amazing.


  • Etsystalkers

    Ms. Zoe. So formal-she prefers I call her rach.

  • .Candy.

    pleated maxi…never tried that, but seems very doable! great look! :)

  • Yasmine

    Where the heck is the skirt from and where can we buy it. Seems like the question of most ladies was ever addressed…. ugh frustrating indeed! :(

  • Kendi Lea

    Hi Yasmine: I always label where my pieces are from by the arrows on my photo.  As labeled, the skirt was from my store, Bloom. It was purchased in 2011,so it's no longer available. But you can get a similar skirt from bloom right now: