At the Texas Style Council Conference a few weeks ago, Jen and I swapped a few items. So far I’ve worn it twice on my blog and I’ve slept in it every single night. It’s the jacket I never knew I wanted. Kind of like when people say “you’re the son/daughter I never had.” But this is a jacket. So it’s kind of different.
Breaking news: It’s a good thing we already took photos today because I just got Nutella on my shirt. I was making a Nutella sandwich. What’s that you ask? That’s when you take a spoonful of Nutella and place it in between two other spoonfuls of Nutella. Delicious and healthy.*

*Depends on what your definition of healthy is. My definition includes Nutella.
  • Gabriella

    Absolutely love this skirt! So, so fabulous!
    Btw: Nutella is healthy. Its main ingredient is hazelnut, so it has to be, right? 😉

  • CC

    Yep I'm on the nutella is healthy kick, nuts are good for you so anything with nuts has gotta be good for you right?
    I may have to go make myself a nutella sandwich now (a kendi style sadwich of course) now to celebrate my fabulous logic

  • KDot

    Another outfit that I shall try to recreate; you're always inspiring :-)

  • Meredith

    Any tips for getting that perfect blogger bun?