Lessons in Layering


When I bought this skirt and this top I had full intentions of wearing them together. Let’s be honest, florals and stripes are a blogger’s dream come true. But I just never got around to wearing it, it always felt like it needed something else. Ah, but it needed layers, that is what it needed. Enter cropped sweater and tights into the equation and this outfit came together quicker than my breakfast this morning. Which was a lovely bowl of  Grape Nuts, if you cared. You don’t, but you read my post up to this point so you kind of have to care now.

My point is not that I eat a lot of fiber in the mornings, but it’s that as much as I hate cold weather, it forces me to get creative and to layer. Which, in my experience, layers mean a better outfit, always. But fiber in the morning is smart, too. It helps you sneak it in early for the rest of the day. Two lessons for you today; you are just so so lucky.


Sweater: Bloom

Shirt: Madewell

Skirt: Madewell

Tote: Madewell

Coat: old J.Crew Factory

  • Natali Karppinen

    Gorgeous blouse and coat! You look super pretty :)


  • http://electriceunice.blogspot.com/ Eunice

    Hahah Love it!! I'm obsessed with the sweater and collared shirt combo – and love the blue coat that's like fun wrapping to a fun outfit :)

  • kate

    I love all the colors and patterns together :)


  • http://www.natinlove.com/ Nat

    Great look and witty post! Love! :)

    XO Nat
    Nat in Love

  • http://jeansandateacup.blogspot.com/ Jeans and a Teacup

    Love the stripes and floral! I recently got a floral skirt and striped shirt which I am dying to wear together! And I do think the cropped sweater brings the whole outfit together :-) 

  • http://www.rachelslookbook.com/ Rachel

    Love your sweater and boots!

  • http://rebeccalately.blogspot.com/ Rebecca Lately

    Gorgeous, dahling!

  • http://way-we-were.blogspot.com/ The Way We Were

    The only thing I am not 100% sure of is those tights. I love colored tights but somehow I felt this one was in the way of everything else. The pattern mixing and color is perfect to a T. :)

  • http://pinksole.com/ Rachelle

    love the colored tights and the mix of pattern.


  • Iliyana Licheva

    awesomepost! love that blue coat!


  • http://herestohappinesses.blogspot.com/ Adelealynn

    drop. dead. fabulous. This is hands down my fav outfit yet! standing ovation!!

  • amanda

    love the top coat on that sweater.  is it rubberized?  what goes on? i am into it and i like the floral/stripe pairing.  


  • Annika Benitz

    I'm such a fan of mixing prints! I think the two patterns work especially well here because you can see the stripe through the sheer of the shirt! Totally marries the look together. Well done.


  • kelseygrauke

    It looks great! I love pattern mixing. And, that blue on your coat is stunning.


  • http://sip-n-wear.blogspot.com/ Joyce

    fiber is always good :) 
    layering is even better!  great job with the pretty color combination!!


  • http://newpetite.blogspot.com/ New Petite

    Love the coat! 

  • http://work-it-blog.blogspot.com/ workitChristine

    I love the complexity of your layers! And your cold weather forces your creative hand!

  • http://way-we-were.blogspot.com/ The Way We Were

    lol you are so cute, layered outfits, grape nuts breakfast..how did these two come together? I still don't know.

  • Carlee

    I love this outfit! The peak of floral is just right and the color of the tights is awesome.
    Almost Endearing

  • Mary Claire Cook

    such a fun outfit! I love the layering & how you combined colors & patterns that might not initially seem to mesh well but look great on!


  • Danielle Wojcik

    Today, J.Crew Factory sent me an e-mail about the art of layering. Today, you posted about layering. You really are made of awesome sauce. I love your coat and tights! And the stripes. Okay, if it were socially appropriate (and not ridiculously hot) for me to wear every bright color and set of stripes that I own all at one time, then I'd probably do it. Shamelessly. 


  • oohlalagwen


    Love the coat and tights, adorable.

  • Morgan Liti

    So cute!! I need a skirt just like that! And the color of that coat is perfect on you – what a great factory find. :)

  • http://www.alwaysmaylee.com/ Always Maylee

    Super cute layering and I love the colored tights!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  • Sheree H

    I love the blouse and tights! You have a way of fantastically putting together an outfit. 

  • http://twitter.com/KateJones365 Kate Jones

    Awesomely bright tights!! Love it!!! 

  • Rosely Carrasco

    The cropped sweater and tights pulled the outfit together perfectly.

  • Ladiesinnavy

    love that coat! :)
    kw, Ladies in Navy

  • http://everyday-simple.blogspot.com/ Rachel

    This is one of the many reasons why I read your blog – because I never in a million years would have been able to put something like this together on my own. It looks fantastic.

  • http://twitter.com/georginamshaw Georgina

    I adore the mixed patterns! You have definitely inspired me to try something similar out!

  • gracebyc

    stripes & florals are the best! so are grape nuts.


  • sealedwithstyle

    you know how to rock the layers!

  • GiovannaPacini

    Such a cute look! Love the stripes and florals! Great coat!



  • Count To Four

    i love all the layers and all the mix of patterns and colours! great look :)

    http://www.counttofour.com   http://www.counttofour.etsy.com

  • Lirio Style

    wow – how creative! layers and mix of print..and this gorgeous pair of tights! Stunning look, Kendi

    xoxo from california,


  • http://www.handbagmadness.com/ Handbagmadness

    Wow! What an amazing look. Love it. 

  • Anna D Kart

    i love that outfit!


  • Brandy Saldana

    I love your pearls of wisdom Kendi. This outfit is great inspiration. You are the Layering Queen!


  • http://hayleeatkinson.blogspot.com/ Haylee

    Love love that coat. You are beautiful, and are making me want to stop at Madewell on the way home from school. ha

  • http://pencil-perfect.tumblr.com/ Pencil Perfect

    ZOMG. Where did your snow go?! Speaking of cold, have you Texans ever heard of plugging your car in when it gets SUPER cold (aka: the block heater)? Where I come from, (north dakota) we get so cold, we have to plug our cars in (if outside) to keep them warm. Where I went to college (which is by the border of Canada), I remember a winter where I had my car plugged in – and it STILL DIDN'T START. It was so cold, the emblem on my car fell off (glue dried up in the cold). Worst of all? Our campus refused to close, even though no one but the university president could make it there (he lived on campus, so, of course. har, har.) Oh, winter is just lovely :) We dress in so many layers (to trek across campus) that it took me 15 minutes just to get all my layers off to sit down in class! HA! Oh, I miss university :) Take care, Kendi! 

  • Jennifer DeSantis

    This is just darling. I adore all these colors and patterns together, they just work!! Pretty :-)

    XOX Jenna @ Demure in Diamonds {dot} com

  • Jennifer

    Print mixing, layering, and color blocking – you go girl!

    xo Jennifer


  • Sarah

    Cute outfit! It sounds really cute!

    The Purse Snatcher 

  • Amanda Parks

    Nooooo, that sweater is sold out! I'm loving the subtle metallic sheen!


  • http://way-we-were.blogspot.com/ The Way We Were

    which lippie are you wearing?

  • http://twitter.com/sarahvonspook Sarah Von Spook

    I just loved the way you layered this outfit! And as always, you looks ever so lovely! Hope you have a great day/evening! 


  • julia martin

    yes, florals + stripes definitely equal bloggers dream come true! love it!

    xo julesinflats.com

  • http://www.closetvoyage.com/ ClosetVoyage

    I love how you put so many bold elements together and still the outfit looks so wearable!

  • http://theknoxvilleholts.blogspot.com/ Laura

    I never in a million years would have thought to put all these pieces together…but you look amazing! Love those tights. Love.

  • Ashley Taylor

    I love your layering skills! I've been wanting to try my hand at my own but its not been cold enough here!

    xo Ashleyluckylittlebird.blogspot.com

  • Bree Woolstenhulme

    You have such great style! I'm so happy I stumbled across your blog! New follower.


  • http://www.prettylittlefawn.blogspot.com/ pretty little fawn

    Quite the love-letter to Madewell! Love that shop, even if it's out of my price range. And I must say, I love that tote!

    xoxowww.prettylittlefawn.blogspot.comPS: Stop by my blog if you like thrifting, vintage dresses, flower crowns, Moonrise Kingdom, DIYs, and adventures! I just did a post on my latest nautical sailor dress!

  • Marsa Lee

    hahaha thanks for the lessons kendi!!
    i need major lessons on layering. im not so good :/
    mostly because im scared of the outcome!! and also because layering just makes me bulkier as the layers add up hahaha

    The DayLee Journal


  • http://re-mix-her.tumblr.com Caitlin

    Great lesson today! Haha!

    Layers do make for a great outfit—and this is a great outfit! I love the sheen on your cropped sweater!

  • Asher

    absolutely stunning! Love the colors :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=661975047 Sarah Welsch

    I love all of the mixing patterns!


  • ashleigh

    I love the top and skirt. I think I'd really love to see it with flat brown leather gladiator sandals in summer with a braided belt and some sunnies 😉

  • Happiness At Mid Life

    I agree that stripes + floral is meant to be together.  Love it!


  • Sister Kim

    I love your outfits! You put everything together so well. 


  • http://twitter.com/AllieEmme Allie Emme

    That coat is AMAZING!!
    xx Allie

  • http://vitj.blogspot.com/ Jyoti Sidhu

    I think the sheerness of the shirt really adds to this outfit!

  • TheresaTran

    Love all the layering in this outfit!!! That floral blouse is A+!!


  • Angela Remondi

    Well this outfit is just the coolest. I would never think to pair these pieces together and they look totally awesome. I love the layering! And I seriously want that blouse in my closet NOW. So cute.

    xo inventedromance.blogspot.ca

  • Page

    Love the outfit, especially the coat.  Your posts always make me laugh; if only my writing could be that witty.

  • http://eypolapol.tumblr.com/ Felyn Orejudos

    It's so perfect especially with the coat on.


  • http://glass-of-fashion.blogspot.com Katie

    a whole bowl of grape nuts?! See, I would layer the cereal too, i have grape nuts as a topping on a bowl of allbran :)

    Love the colour of that jumper, it's a great shade of grey.

    Katie x

  • Debora ETS

    Love the randomness of your post! I had to read it out to my Love as it brought a smile to my face.

    Also ADORE your jumper. Love the shine that it has to it. It can dress any outfit up. Great buy!


  • http://twitter.com/PPFGirl PennyPincherFashion

    Love this outfit – the mix of prints & fun colored tights are the perfect way to perk up a cold dreary winter day…great layering :)


  • http://twitter.com/lesseriouslife Sara

    i LLLLLLOOOOOVVVVVEEE that blue coat. love it. all of mine are plain boring black. i need something like this.

  • sihijau

    love the outfit! 😉

    Irene Wibowo

  • http://www.mylifeinthecurvylane.com The Curvy Girl

    I love everything about this outfit! Well done as always!

  • http://twitter.com/madforfashion78 Berty Morales

    You look amazing! I love how you do all of your layerings, so inspiring. Love the coat, what a perfect pop of color! 

  • Stephanie Guiler

    the floral and stripes are a lovely combo! xo


  • Aurélie FORTUNE

    Nice look!
    Aurélie www.lespetitesbullesdemavie.blogspot.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/agi.mayer.35 Agi Mayer

    Love the jacket!!!! Great combination.



  • Theresa

    That's my favorite part of cold weather!  It kills me when it's in the 100s during the summer!  Cold weather definitely allows for more versatility. 


  • Ana Leija
  • MIchelleM

    I LOVE this outfit! This is going straight on my inspiration board…

  • Taylor Jenkins

    I love this pattern mixing. The sheerness of the blouse is just perfect on top of the skirt. Kudos to you for putting together something to unique!

  • Jackie Campbell

    I never would have put all of that together, but I love the way it turned out! And you are right, you needed the addition of the sweater and tights!

  • Caroline L.

    So visually interesting! I really like how you tied it together with that navy coat though… really pulls the look together :)


  • Alandval2011

    Now see…this is an outfit I would not have the wits to put together but which looks brilliant and makes me proud that I read your blog and know you in a very indirect and in-no-way-personal way. :)

  • Genie

    After seeing this awesome outfit, I need to get my butt into gear and crank out some well layered ensembles myself. Thanks for the inspiration, colored tights here I come!



  • http://twitter.com/PetiteAdventure Petite Adventures

    Love this mix of pattern and layering – a very fresh take!

    Kate xo petite-adventures.blogspot.ca

  • http://teacupsandbcups.com/ nicole | teacups + B cups

    Not to be crude, but your smart ads are right on point today. The mention of Grape Nuts = Home Depot toilet advertisement in the sidebar. Well done.

    Oh, and the layering is perfect, too.

  • Chelsea Tubbs

    Perfect layers!

    Chelsea & The City

  • Anca Madalina Baboi

    To think I actually own similar items, but never thought about wearing them together! Amazing combination!



  • Typhanie Stewart

    That coat though!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!


  • Jessbroyles

    Love the color of your tights with that top! Great layering and cereal advice! :)


  • Sarah Brooke

    Love this outfit, especially all the color!  Also, every time you carry this bag I get closer and closer to caving in and buying one for myself.

  • http://slidingdrawersblog.blogspot.com/ ellen
  • milla

    wow you look great!

    xoxo milla

  • Jolicassoulet

    NICE LAYERING! yes indeed florals and stripes must be a dream come true for a blogger, yet its very hard to make the combination look so chic. Well done!


  • Nikki

    This is one of my favorite outfits of yours, ever! I will be honest though, every time I see Madewell written on your photos a little part of me dies… Call me cheap, but it's just so dang expensive! I'm now on a hunt to find a less expensive version of this outfit!

  • http://www.goldandspikes.blogspot.com/ kelly

    really wishing i had the courage to pull of red tights.. maybe sometime soon!

    xx kellyhttp://www.goldandspikes.blogspot.com

  • Shelby Ballif

    Hahaha. This post made me smile.

    And your outfit is ROCKIN' as usual. Serious inspiration up in here. Also. Fiber in the mornings. Forever and ever amen.


  • Kanaej

    Hi doll,

    You're rocked a haute look, and Pearls and Peacocks would like to congratulate you. 

    Thanks for inspiring all with your haute style..

    Happy New Years!

    ~Kanae at Pearls and Peacocks


  • Prettylittlesparks

    You always find the perfect mix of color, print and wit in your posts!  H&M has similar skirt(different colors and stripes as well) for under$7.  I love Madewell, but this is a great option for ladies who love to shop more than their bank account allows(like me:))!

  • Kiara Johnson

    You are a very pretty lady dear.I love your outfit & the blue coat looks fantastic.

    Stiletto High Heels

  • agungshafira

    nice thanks for inspiring me. mobil sedan corolla