Work Clothes


Today is a work day up at the shop. It’s quite difficult trying to find something to wear for a blog post and to be able to change out lights and hang wallpaper in. That’s right I’ll be hanging wallpaper in this get-up. I guess that old saying would apply here: ’tis better to be overdressed than underdressed.’ Which is why I am glad that my career path has been in retail and not in construction. Also, I’ve said this many times before but I’m not good with my hands. It’s a miracle I could even learn how to type. I’ve been banished from hammers, super glue and scissors from concerned family members. So this wallpaper thing should go over well. You use a hammer for that, right?  


Sweater: Loft

Chambray: Similar

Jeans: Bloom

Wedges: Similar

Tote: Madewell

Sunnies: c/o Coach

  • Rebecca Lately

    So purty :)

    Don't feel bad, my hubby banned me from super glue.  I should never go near the stuff.

  • Morgan Liti

    That outfit is adorable – and please don't get any wall paper glue on those fabulous wedges, ok? :)

  • Gina

    love the pants!  

  • Kelly

    Super cute! I have trouble figuring out what to wear when I have to accomplish  very different things in the same outfit too. 

  • Megan Zietz

    love that bag, gorgeous look 
    Xo Megan

  • christin schindewolf

     The one time I attempted to paint my boyfriend made me in charge of making sure the "lines were straight" aka not touching anything so I can relate. Good luck with the wallpaper!

  • Emily Rose Jones

    completely reasonable outfit for hanging wall paper!

  • Kendi Lea

    So that's what that job means….my whole life is making sense now. I've never been trusted with anything sharp or heavy, but I'm pretty good at telling someone if the lines are straight. 😉

  • lavieenliz

    I love Gap! and everything else you're wearing!

  • Jenny

    I'd say you rocked this challenge! Looking cute but being comfortable enough to hammer wallpaper onto walls…..Good luck with that! 😉 Also, your pony is so cute!

  • Ladiesinnavy

    gorgeous outfit! adore your shoes.

  • PennyPincherFashion

    Oh mi gosh – how cute is this?  Totally going to buy this LOFT sweater now and layer my chambray shirt under it…is that too stalker-ish? :)

  • Natali Karppinen

    Great pants and bag! I like the color combo in this outfit very much :)

  • Becky |

    In my house, I'm the one who does DIY while my man cooks. Weird.

  • Kara M

    Love the skinny cords!  Those wedges are just fabulous…great accent!

  • Star White

    Gorgeous peplum top! I've been in the market for a white one.Good luck wallpapering! Hope it goes well!

  • Sabrina Lashley

    Love your pants and layering! Fabulous outfit.

    Ramen Couturexox,Sabrina

  • tumoes

    How cute 

  • Ragan Wesson

    that is a great color for skinny jeans! 


  • Betsy
  • GlamourGirl_bg
  • Alissa Futhey

    Ugh. Hammers. Hammers and I do not have a good relationship, they always end up hurting me! Kendi I love the color combinations you have in this outfit!

  • Always Maylee

    This is such a cute outfit. Simple yet totally stylish. Love the color of your pants and the peplum over the chambray is fab!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  • still being [Molly]

    obsessed with this look, kendi!! love it!!! and i'm TERRIBLE with super glue. for reals.

  • Jeans and a Teacup

    Hope things don't get to messy…it would be a shame to mess up a great outfit! Love the wedges and the pants!

  • chioma anosike

    you look so cute! love those cords and the layering :)

    C's Evolution of Style

  • Amy

    Good luck! Love the chambray under this sweater!


  • Carrie

    Wallpaper! Wow at least you know how to put that up!

    Style in the City

  • Classic girl

    Such a cute outfit! Love the color of your jeans.
    It's always a pleasure to stop by your blog!

  • Suzanne Carillo

    LOL…good luck! 

    Love the colour of the pants BTW.


  • fashionforgiants

    I wore this exact color combination on Friday!  You look wonderful; love the blue wedges with it.


  • cait & val

    kendi- you did it again girl.
    love the look. that crisp white & popping purple!!!

    xo. c & v

    cake & valley

  • Jessbroyles

    Love the jeans! Great look!

  • Seekingstyleblog

    Cute pants Kendi – love the color!

    xo Jennifer

  • Patricia Jernigan

    And don't forget the tape.  Although I've seen wallpaper border held up by staples.  Either will work…

  • workitChristine

    I have pants that color, so now I have to try this! Thanks!

  • Shannon Heart’s

    You look too pretty to be hanging wallpaper!  Love your pants and wedges.  Gorgeous color combination.

  • Steffy

    Those jeans are the most lovely shade of purple!

  • The Style Storm

    Love this look, those pants are amazing! Great style as always :)

    The Style Stormxo, Christina

    xo, Christina

  • jen

    love your color palette!

  • photosbyjaana

    ditto to what everyone is saying!

  • Katie

    Cute blue shoes!! & i love a good chambray shirt, that perfect mix between preppy smart but also cool cazh :)

    Katie x

  • Zoe Alexander

    Kendi, this is another lovely outfit. You are so pretty I'd love to see you wear Zoe Alexander UK!
    Zoe xxx

  • Caroline L.

    best dressed employee right there :)

  • CharlotteK_93

    amazing pants :)

  • Rachelle

    I have the same loft top in burgundy and I'm wearing mine today.

  • Leighleigh Uzumaki

    hshshshshshs. Those shoes make this outfit though!

  • Gina Gales

    I love the color of those cords.   I feel your pain with trying to find an outfit that is functional to chase kids around and is blogworthy too.   Not easy!!   But you look gorgeous as always.   Good luck with the wall paper.
    XO, Gina

  • Joyce

    Hahahaha funny…! Hope you had fun putting up wall paper… :). Love the outfit


  • kristian satterlee

    Hope the wallpapering went well! 

    You look lovely in this- very timeless.

  • Sarah

    You're adorable! I love your outfit.

  • jenny

    cute wedges!


  • Sarah H.

    I love layering over chambray. I think the only thing I love more is fudge. You just can't beat fudge.

    Sarah's Real Life

  • Jo Tsakos

    i really love this style. 

  • Emily
  • Carlee

    I am loving the color of your pants! Good luck with the wallpaper!
    Almost Endearing

  • Ashley Taylor

    Lol oh geez. Good luck!
    (Love your pants)

    xo Ashley

  • Xenia Kuhn

    Love the bag! So cool. :)

  • Jackie Saffert

    Your outfit is so adorable.  And how classy of your to wear wedges and layered tops while hanging wallpaper!  

  • sms1996

    I've been wearing sweaters over my chambray a lot latley. It is just so cute!

    And your hair looks super cute in a pony! :)

    Please come by and visit my blog "Sable's Trousseau" I would love to hear from ya'll! :)


  • Steph M

    Hey Kendi! Do you know the "name" of the Coach sunnies you're wearing?  The link to the site brought me to the whole selection/line.  They look super cute on you!

  • Domois2cool4u

    cool outfit! :)

  • Nikell

    I love the color combo! I worked retail for about 7 years. So, I know all about finding a "retail work" friendly outfit. People only get to see the glamorous shiny results but it's actually a lot of work  (^_^)

  • TheresaTran

    How cute!!! I love the color of your pants. The peplum is adorable. (: Lovely outfit.


  • Happinessatmidlife

    I love the color of your pants and how your collar is turned all so perfect!


  • Brandy Saldana

    You are dressed oh so right to be putting up wallpaper! lol. Such a cute, chic look. Love the color combos, and especially the wedges=]

  • Samira Reyes

    super cute!!!

  • Cortnebonilla

    How is it possible for you to look so adorable every single day! I love coming to your blog and creeping. Its gorgeous and you just put things together so simply, it seems. I mean, I know its just a blog and you could spend hours but im assuming youre just naturally born fab okay. Okay! Thats enough rambling. Love reading you. Hope you like reading me too. xo 

  • mollybkidd

    Love those pants ! You look darling… As always :]

    Molly from Urban Nester

  • Myrna

    I love all the color going on here. That grey sweater is the perfect contrast between the pants and shoes :) AMazing.


  • Erin Michelle

    That's a perfect cute outfit that's not too dressy to get work done in. I love how you layered the peplum shirt over the chambray. 


  • Janice Mislang

    You are soo awesome!

  • P

    Nice pants!

  • Vanda

    I love your work clothes.!!!You know how many times you give me inspiration and I go to work dressed based on what I saw?? Girl you have  a PhD in style, and we are your students!!!

  • julia-ott

    Your blog is adorable! Just wanted to let you know! Greetings from Munich, Germany!

  • Mica

    Such stylish work clothes. Hope the decorating goes well! :)

  • amylshaughnessy

    Have fun working in the shop! This outfit is cute for the blog and for work.

      Fashion and Beauty Finds

  • Count To Four

    love the colour of your pants! great look! goodluck with the wallpaper :)

  • Regina
  • Meg

    I saw a girl try this top on in the Loft yesterday and she hated it! If only she would have put a chambray top under it…genius!!

  • Amy B.

    cute outfit

  • Samantha

    You might be banned from crafting tools, but I sewed through my own finger this week. You win! Happy wallpapering :)

    Samantha @ Sam ipsa loquitur

  • Emily Palmer Nelson

    so so cute!  Love the blue and purple together.

  • Amy

    That chambray is the perfect color! I'm still searching for the perfect one…


  • Kendi Lea

    Steph — they are the Casey in the Tortoise shell! :)

  • Kaciecone

    Very cute! I want those shoes!

  • Nat

    Absolutely adore this look! From the sweater to the jeans to the shoes! Love!

  • DeAnn

    What about your jewelry?  Necklace and bracelets.  Love the bracelets.  Can you list the sources?  Thanks!

  • kendra genevieve rose.

    Super cute outfit, Kendi!