Win a $100 Gift Card to Ruche!

This week you have a chance to win a $100 gift card to Ruche! To enter, all you have to do is:
1. Visit Ruche and pick out your favorite item.
2. Leave a comment below telling me what you’d choose if you won!
** Bonus entries for mentioning anything you like about one of their current features:
Check back next week to see if you are the winner! Giveaway open until Sunday, January 22nd at 11 pm.
  • Kimberly

    The afternoon sonnet dress!

  • Kimberly

    The afternoon sonnet dress!

  • Kimberly

    The afternoon sonnet dress!

  • Lauren

    I have never heard of this place, but love their clothes. That is exactly my style. They're pretty decent prices, too. I love the gloversville pencil skirt and first lady lace dress under new arrivals.

  • Jess

    I love the Camilla pleated dress. I am obsessed with Ruche!

  • Savannah Edwards

    I love the windermere crushed velvet pants!!

  • yuvi

    Sakura allure pocket cardigan. Stylish and comfortable!

  • laurasyes

    I also love the afternoon sonnet dress.

  • janene

    The bosworth blazer in black would be a great staple to add to my wardrobe. After I complete my current 30 for30 challenge of course…

  • Rachel

    The Monte Veronese tulip skirt in mauve would be perfect for a brunch I have coming up! Also love the seasonal solutions, who knew I could wear glam on a Tuesday to work?!

  • alczeveli

    I'm loving the Belltremi Belted dress!

  • alczeveli

    I'm loving the Belltremi Belted dress!

  • Anonymous

    First lady lace dress is divine!

  • Casey

    Heirloom flowers pleated dress!!

  • Kristi

    I love the Camille pleated dress and armistina rhinestone necklace

  • Kristi

    I read one week to a new closet and got some great tips on how to get organized!

  • Jenni

    I am in love with the new Lifetime Platform wedges….so cute! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  • Jenni

    I thought it was so fun to see what the Ruche ladies loved to wear in the feature. I also liked seeing pictures of them in their cute outfits…you can see they all have such cute sense of style!

  • Mindi J.

    I adore the Calistoga Courtyard dress. So elegantly simple. Also, love all of their jewelry. Probably would spend a fortune on that alone.

    The Ruche ladies feature is great. They are all so cute. The way they feature their individual profile and style makes it feel like you just walked into your hometown boutique.

  • Joanna

    I'd totally snag the Troubadour Tudor necktie blouse. Looove he color and it's so versatile! And definitely a "seasonal solution."


  • ruby_palomo

    My favorite item would be the radiant panache sequin top! If I won I would buy this top because I would be able to style it up in so many ways and its a great way to stand out. Out of the seasonal solutions I would choose the first outfit because its fun, colorful and my type of style!

  • Mrs. Baker

    I love the wembley daybook pocket blouse!

  • Lindy Stamper

    I'm loving the knit blazer in navy. Thanks for the chance, hope I win! 😉

  • Lindy Stamper

    And for the bonus entry, i'm into Solutions #4, and can totally see myself in the boots & blouse.

  • Brittany

    Summer cove cotton dress – ready for summer already! As for the feature, I like the suggestions in one week to a new closet, and I'm a bug believer in color coding!!

  • tdonofrio

    The wink and smile mary jane heels are way cool! Pinned the one week to a new closet information :)

  • Beverly

    In love with Rush styles! I really want the fire and ice block dress. Also the seasonal solution ideas are awesome!

  • Alisa

    I love the red lace skirt! All of their skirts are amazing!

  • Alisa

    I like the earings & silk blouse in solution #4, so romantic!

  • Mpemma10

    I love the starlight blouse in grey. So cute.

  • Mpemma10

    I enjoyed the seasonal solutions posting. Great ideas for toning down sparkly pieces.

  • Kristina

    I love the summer festival striped dress! I was checking it last year too and this would be the perfect opportunity for me to get it!

    much love, Kristina

  • Kristina

    Great advice in "one week to a new closet"! Sounds a lot like the advice you gave after the 30 for 30 challenge awhile back!

    much love, Kristina

  • Kerri

    I have been eyeing up the Forestry Sights cardigan for a while now! I also love their jewelry!

  • brittney

    Love the first lady lace dress as well!

  • mbrubaker

    Definitely the Calistoga courtyard dress!

  • Amanda

    Love the fragrance fern appliqué dress

  • angie

    Western tale A-line skirt :) also, I really like how they showed the staff's favorites in The Ruched Ladies.

  • Kayla

    I'd definitely get the fire and ice colour blocked dress! It reminds me of my Steve Madden shoes.

  • Kayla

    I loved the idea of shopping tokens for a swap event to keep things fair (Day 7 of One Week to a New Closet)

  • Stina xox

    Fire & ice color block dress …love!! One week to a new closet-GREAT organization tips! Very useful.

  • Amy

    I love the first lady lace dress. Very classy.

  • Head to Toe Chic

    Fire and ice color blocked dress! Love it.

  • Naomi Laura

    I love the first lady lace dress and I love ruche. That's where we got our bridesmaid dresses.

  • AbiRose

    Moffitt button dress is adorable, love it all!!!
    Abi Byrd

  • Mari

    The Sunny Afternoons Embroidered Dress is super cute. I'd wear it with a great clutch and wedge heels for a date night come spring.

  • Meggo

    I can't pick jut one thing! I have a list of things I want!

  • @skysosmrt

    I love the Rosie wrap dress by Darling UK. The Seasonal Solutions feature is great as I need tips on layering & remixing my wardrobe

  • rick.and.kels

    everything is so beautiful! I can't choose!

  • Jamie Lee

    Definitely the windmere crushed velvet pants. Most likely in navy.

  • Jamie Lee

    I like the 7 days to a new closet. I desperately need to clean out my closet and stick to abasic style. I feel like I have a lot of clothes and nothing actually goes together.

  • Anjani Y

    The Radiant panache sequin top!

  • marinatherese

    I would choose any of the beautiful tie-neck blouses or pleated skirts! I love the seasonal solutions with the sequin top over a tie neck blouse.

  • Jodie

    Illusive dream pants and branches skirt in black….best thing I found was the new closet in a week…I am going to get inspired tomorrow and clean out closet….step one and two…I cant wait!

  • Jodie

    Illusive dream pants and branches skirt in black….best thing I found was the new closet in a week…I am going to get inspired tomorrow and clean out closet….step one and two…I cant wait!

  • xoShoeFal

    I love ruche lady Tara's pick: Ashton Floral Lace Dress. Mustard's hard to pull off but it's so cute!

  • LJ

    I adore Ruche's Marquette Colorblock Dress! Oh the many ways I'd wear it… also, love the One Week To A New Closet section, I'm bored of my summer/winter clothes so what a great idea to swap with my other trendy friends!