Beg, Steal or Borrow

8.30.10dI can not believe it is August 30th. This month has flown by. Time flies when you document what you wear every day on the internet.*
It has finally dipped below 100 degrees here. It hung around 89 today, so very nice. That’s why I busted out the old cardigan. I can just smell fall, hanging around like that creepy kid in jr. high that had a crush on you but you were way too tall for him. Like a foot taller, so it would have been weird to date, you know? But then you might have dated him for three days, and then you broke up with him one night while rollerblading. After that you’d see him creeping in hallways just like the season of fall. See? That made complete sense. You thought I was just going off on some random dialogue again.
Shout out to reader Jessica who works at Anthropologie and is so nice and always says hello when we go in. Thank you for believing me when I told you that my purse would beep when I went through the sensor detectors. I promise that I did not steal anything. But I can’t speak for my husband. He works alone. I’ll give him a good pat-down tonight. (too much?)
Hey, hey check out my interview over at Modly Chic, only if you want. No pressure. Of course there might be a quiz later this week, but it’s up to you…pretty please?

*give or take 3 days out of the week.

  • Daniela

    cute outfit! everything on u looks great

  • Amber’s Notebook

    Love it! Your is looking cute too!

  • Melissa

    You always look so great in everything! I'm honestly in awe. I like one out of every five outfits I wear but you always look so freaking cute.


  • Charmalade

    Ah, junior high. Possibly the most awkward time of a human being. At least for me. No creepy kids who smell weird were hanging around corners, I think.

    I love how you took the traditional concept of shoes matching the belt and made it so simply chic. I love the light tan color!

    Toast with Charmalade

  • Lauren

    Love this! I love how the belt and clogs match (love those clogs) and how you paired them over the dress and cardi! I think I have that same cardi, except in bright purple…love it! And will be sure to check out your interview!

    Small Time Style

  • megannielsen

    Love it Kendi! Gosh I've really got to get myself over to target and get those shoes… they look amazing on you!

  • Fifth Sparrow

    such a great intro to fall outfit. You're making the creepy boy in the playground stalk you even more I think! xx

  • aj

    I think it's awesome how much you are wearing those fantastic shoes. I really want some… early Christmas present to myself? Oh wait, I think I already used up the non-existent Christmas fund in February. And the pay-the-bills fund. Oops. Anyway, you look great! :)

  • Sadie’s Momma

    want shoes! want the shoes!!! I didn't see them at my store. bummer days.

    I'm living vicariously.
    I'll check out your interview at Modly Chic right now! I love Katy! :)

  • Rach is Ordinarily Urbane

    You must live near the best Target ever. There are two near me and they never have a quality shoe selection. Fingers crossed those will be in stock, they're awesome! xo

  • Destined For Now

    A cardigan for 89 degree weather?! Tell me how you do it because I love cardigans.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the shout out! Lol, Everything from the gap beeps. After you left I realized I forgot to ask what did you find! Well, I had my boss follow your husband around so I think he's okay, at least for now. I hope to see you soon! -Jessica

  • ciupa

    those shoes…so great. love the whole outfit. great interview, too.

  • Farrielle Design and Fashionista

    You made my day, I just stumbled on your blog and I am glad I did. Love love love it. I read the interview and really like. Love the pictures well everything I am going to follow you.

  • Bea

    Man, I wish my sense of humor translated as well as yours. You're so funny always! :)

    Bea from A plus B


    You're so silly!

  • Melissa

    Considering I'm more like a foot shorter than anyone else, I can't really relate to the story. 😉 {Oh lawd, I hope I wasn't the creepy kid…}

    Love the outfit! It's awful when we end up considering 89 cool enough to wear a cardigan. Holy hot summer.

    Hope you have a great day!

  • Courtney

    I live in SC so I feel the same way about the weather! Last week it was 74 one day and I was FREEZING.

  • KT

    Thanks for the shoutout. And I love the comparison of the approach of Fall and that creepy kid in jr. high – so true! LOL. – Katy

  • Lea’s Suitcase

    It's been waaay hott here too! Like, Boob Sweat hot. I'm waiting for a little break in the heat myself, which means, rain. Love the eclectic outfit today :)


    I love this color combo, it's classic yet striking. Somehow you managed to make neutrals pop!

  • Secondhand Smash

    Great outfit. I've yet to belt a cardigan in the fear that the bottom will make me look every more hippy [as in bigger hips, not like a flower child]. Also, this post make me literally laugh out loud. You're hilarious.

  • KristiMcMurry

    You put together the most adorable outfits! And I love the places you take your pictures. Always very nice :)

  • Alison

    Cute! I can't wait to put together fall outfits… and I always love reading your posts they are so amusing :)

    <3 Alison

  • style underdog

    Just read your interview…When I first moved to my small beach town, a few of the women asked if I was a lawyer…this is just another fact to add to the older version of Kendi theory.

  • reb

    kendi! you dress in the dark EVERY single day? I've always loved your style, but I'm even more impressed now!

  • Laurelann

    Kendi- Love the outfit! I'm new to your blog but it's one of my favorites that I read. I even love the random dialogue.

    Have you checked your purse for the little sensor tag that would set it off? Last year on Black Friday, my Coach wallet set off all the alarms until a kind salesperson took it from me and bent the sensor. It doesn't do that anymore. :)

  • Sorcha

    I love how you mixed the navy and brown, I would have never thought to pair the two but it looks so cute!

  • Melanie

    So cute! I just had a discussion with a friend regarding brown+black. I think they're lovely together and you are proving my point!


  • dancerb26

    I think I dated that same kid in jr. high, although our relationship only lasted the one day. I found him on Facebook recently. Funny- he hasn't grown. I'm a new reader- love you blog!

  • RosaLovesDC

    Love the shoes! I think this is a wonderful outfit, it looks so effortless and chic.

  • Kristen

    I really really like that outfit. I kind of want to copy it.

  • Jeanna

    I love this! It makes me even more ready for fall.

  • Venn

    you look so chiccc with that cardigann!! im loving it!! :DD the clogs and the belt is matchy" :)


  • sarah @ tiny bit of sparkle

    love your outfit and those target clogs! i just ordered those last week and they arrived on my doorstep yesterday. i actually blogged about them today :)

  • miffalicious

    Ooh I like your style, you've got some awesome outfits here! Loving your blog already(: