channeling zooey


Go ahead, pinch me. I’m not wearing green. I don’t celebrate SPD for two reasons: 1) I don’t own green and 2) I hate the irish — just kidding, it’s actually because I forget every year. And this year was no different. I didn’t know it was a special day of observation until I got to work and someone pinched me. So I’m sorry for being lame but I wore yellow and red instead of green. I just hope in Ireland tomorrow they celebrate St. Kendi day and all paint their legs pasty white and then eat their feelings for dinner. With green beer of course.

I felt very Zooey D. today because of my dress. I call it my “zooey” dress because it kind of looks like something she wore in that cotton commercial. I, like every other brunette with long-ish hair and bangs, feel like I look exactly like her. When in all reality, I look more like Rachel Ray’s step daughter. But my dress — my dress looks like Zooey, so I’ll take it.
I coughed so hard today at work that three co-workers came by my cubicle to see if I was okay. Someone thought that I had vomited. I should have gone with it and taken the afternoon off because it was so pretty. But I apologized for being so loud with my coughing. Yes, I’m that co-worker. The over apologetic one who wears kind of short dresses and blogs a lot. So sterotypical, aren’t I?
(Also, I’m thinking of growing out my bangs — yes or no? I can’t decide if I should make a hair appointment or not. Mostly because I’m lazy and my hairdresser scares me. Discuss.)
  • caffeinerd

    I love this dress! Have been staring at it online for awhile, though I can never decide which color I like the best. Definitely channeling Zooey (I love her cotton commercial), though you'd need some blue to be embracing (500) Days of Summer. :) Oh, that movie is just plain awesome in my book. Great styling–the belt is perfect.

  • Chloe

    cute look, dont worry, I forgot to wear green too

  • ~HM~

    Adorable outfit as always. As for the bangs, I say give it a go. If you get tired of growin' them out you can always just chop them off again. And I hate going to get my haircut too. They always just wanna hack off all my hair. Jerks.

  • Kristen

    This is so cute and choppy, in the very best way.

    I didn't wear any green either – but look out on Columbus Day. That's when my people break out the festoons and drop it like it's hot.

  • Amber

    Lovely outfit! Greenless or not!

  • Liz

    Great spring look! I love the primary colors :)

  • Charmalade

    The primary color look is very cute, I love the skirt's shape, it looks like a flower. Oh, but… *pinch and runs away*

    Feeeeel betterrrr!

    Toast with Charmalade

  • sharonlei

    Gorgeous pictures.. and you look amazing!! I adore your bangs.. I think you should get a trim and not grow them out. :) Your hair dresser scares you?? hmmm..

    xx Love & Aloha

  • Kathryn

    This is such a cute Zooey-ish look. I love the skirt. I'm currently growing out my bangs and it's really not fun. Right now they want to be nowhere but in my eyes making me look like a super emo pre-teen boy. If that's the look you want to go for I say do it.

  • The Daily Fashionista

    You are so funny! Even though you weren't wearing green today I'll go ahead and give you a pass and won't virtually pinch you;) Your terrific outfit makes up for it!

  • Kendra

    Funny you say that you are thinking of growing out your bangs, because (shamelessly) I sent the link to your blog to my sister the other day and said "I LOVE her bangs, and I want them. What do you think??" LOL

  • eek

    Super darling look! I love your hair and think you should change hairdressers if yours seriously scares you 😉

  • La Historiadora de Moda

    The outfit is awesome! I say grow your bangs out. If you tire of it, you can always chop them. I also think you might should change hairdressers if yours frightens you.

  • Diane

    i love this look…and i LOVE zooey (but who doesn't?!?!)

  • M.

    before I cut my hair I hoped I looked like Zooey too, that dress is so Zooey and you look great! I'm seeing her preform in two weeks I'm so excited

    lovelove, M.

  • Lexie

    well, zooey does have straight across bangs (usually), so if you want to go for that aesthetic, i say cut them! but you will look gorgeous either way!

  • London Schade

    I look nothing like Zooey D, but wish I did have long brown hair and bangs. Instead I am cursed with the mush color and keep it in a short bob so I dont have to work hard in the mornings. Bangs are tough to grow out. I've been doing it for the past four years and finaly, with my last chin legnth trim, they are even with the rest of me. Now I want bangs back. Really its a toss up if you ask me.

  • Amanda

    Whenever I am lacking any sort of inspiration, I walk into my closet and think "What Would Zooey Wear?" It works, but sometimes it just makes me think…"Oh, she wouldn't wear any of this? Time to buy more clothes!" Ha

  • Hello*Pretty

    Zooey D. is the cutest. I just saw 500 Days of Summer and love her even more. I think you should keep the bangs. They're so in right now, I wish that I had them!!

  • thenewprofessional

    Love this outfit! I didn't wear any green either. Definitely got a Zooey feel–perfect for lounging around listening to the new She and Him.

    I am so with you on being "that" coworker (short-ish skirts, blog, bang issues and all).

  • heather

    keep the bangs they're so pretty on you. i got bangs last summer but instead of looking whimsy, i looked 12. i really love the colors of this outfit. and while i love the neutral pastel trend, i think bright colors are always beautiful.

  • Liz

    I had a dream last night that you started dating one of my high school friends and I thought, "What a hypocrite. She just did a whole post on how wonderful her husband is."
    Now that I'm awake I've forgiven you….kinda.

  • Sal

    Very Zooey indeed, lady! Especially with those romantic t-straps.

  • futurelint

    Oh my, aren't we all just in love with Zooey? I know I am… and this does have her quirky touch! I don't do St Patrick's Day either, mostly because the day has been highjacked by douchebags!

  • upatreecupatea

    Love the outfit! I really like using yellow and red together, but somehow I always look like McDonalds.

    Anywho, the bangs issue.

    I say no to haircuts. I cut my own hair, I've just had way too many bad hairdresser experiences where they get too scissor-happy :)

  • Grace

    So…I wandered over here from academichic and have added you to my google reader because you are HILARIOUS. Great outfits AND witty banter? Sign me up!

  • Renée T. Bouchard

    I'm a sucker for a belted cardigan and a dress with pockets. Love it!

  • Fabulocity in Amish Country

    Soooo Zooey-esque! Really beautiful! :) You're coming back from your illness with a bang!

  • Liz

    Prior to my recent endeavor into highlights [gasps, I know!] Zooey was my hair inspiration. I one time even contemplated getting faux blue contacts so the resemblance would be closer, but alas I am now [almost] a blonde.

    As a avid supporter of the side bang, I wholeheartedly support the side bang. Why mess with such a good thing

  • Jenni

    LOOOOOVE your outfit.

  • The Sound of Lace

    these colors are great!! hmmm i think you should keep the bang…so versatile cause you can always pin them back for something different.

  • ahhteacouture

    I am having the same dilemma about my bangs. Just when I think I have made a decision I change my mind again… oh the perils of being a girl


  • Wanderlusting Fool

    yes you do you look like zooey! love the colors here – I didn't wear green either. I'd say vote keep your bangs – you look so pretty with them!

  • Nina

    Very chic!

  • Chloe

    also I've used one of your photos and tagged you here please feel free to check it out or if you want it removed let me know and I will do so

  • Jen

    Oh my gosh I would so die for your look!!! You look fabulous! Your body type is amazing, and your hair, well I can't say enough about your fabulous hair! Okay enough of my stalkerish self!

    Love your blog, so now officially following! Your profile intro made me laugh hysterically! I've been married going on three years and everyone told me the same thing "When's the baby coming" I love that you started a blog! So… Congratulations on your girl!

  • Mel

    It's very Zooey like indeed! I love your dress, and those shoes are adorable!

  • Clare

    Aw, tres Zooey! I love the skirt, and I'm a huge fan of where you belted the outfit!

  • kate maggie

    I love this outfit! You're soo cute! I love the red skirt with the yellow cardigan!

  • Ashley

    Yes, it's very Zooey D. in the best way. {Love her!} Looks great — love the red & yellow combo. Keep the bangs!!

  • princesspolitico

    i vote no on the hair cut! i like longer bangs because i feel like they’re more versatile. anyways, fabulous t-strap sandals!


  • jellybones

    I'm Irish and I didn't wear green and criticized friends that did 😉

  • Jamie Masliah

    Love your blog. I was linked to it via Selective Potential and am a fan already!
    I, too feel like a Zooey Deschanel lookalike with my brown hair and bangs and happen to dress like her…. very often. Haha
    but I am having the same dilemma with growing out my bangs! I'm thinking I will because during summer, who wants to be worrying about straightening them every single day and having them sweatily plastered to your forehead?
    But I hate the growing out process