snow day


Three things I learned today:
1. it is always good to own a sled. (we found a great hill, but alas had no sled-like thing to slide down it with.)
2. snow will blind you, if stared at long enough.
3. rain + snow + low traction boots x clumsiness – my ability to walk without falling down = a hurt ego and bruised leg.

Look at this snow! We just might be certifiably crazy (we as in my husband and I, not me and my multiple personalities). We left south Texas late yesterday afternoon to drive 8 hours (what should take us 4 1/2 hours) into a mild blizzard. Well, a blizzard for Texas anyways. For everyone else who got 59 inches of snow up north, please humor me. This is the most snow I’ve ever seen outside of a ski resort. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas finally… in February. I’m still hopeful for presents.

For everyone north of Texas who is probably laughing at me right now — I do not know how you do it. People in the south go crazy over this snow. Last night we saw cars drive into medians, ditches, other cars — you name it people were plowing into it. How do you guys manage to function in this weather? Also, major props for fashion bloggers outside of Texas. All I wanted to wear today was a sweatsuit but instead I went with layers. So many that I might actually look a bit homeless. I could have lost the hat and scarf, but I didn’t want to take my chances. Better safe (and slightly hobo-looking) than sorry.
I wouldn’t classify this outfit as a shining moment in fashion for me. I just took all of my favorite pieces and threw them on. I am debuting my new jean shorts though (or “jorts” as my husband so lovingly refers to them as). I got them a few weeks ago and love them. It was weird buying shorts in the middle of winter, but I’m glad I did. It makes me wish for summer that much more.
My husband is off to his guy’s weekend and I’m at my parents with my sister and nephews. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Stay warm :)
  • goldenmeans

    You may be wearing plaid and lots of layers, but you definitely do not look homeless, you look chic and sort of adorable :) Major props to you for wearing shorts (albeit with tights) in the snow! I am from Northern California so I am a bigger wuss about cold weather than you, I promise 😉

  • Anonymous

    Hi Kendi!

    I just found your blog a few days ago through stumbleupon and I must say I absolutely ADORE your style. You really have an eye for fashion and I'm super excited to see more outfits to come :)

  • sachiiiii

    Isn't it so weird to be playing in the snow while in Texas? I was slipping, sliding, and snowballing all day yesterday and thought I was in a dream.
    I wish I could have looked as good as you! I'm pretty sure I looked like a mess with no makeup, wet clothes, and hair so wind-blown it was coming out of its ponytail.

  • Kat

    girllllllll. i just found you and i don't even know how. but i moved from atlanta to boston in september and i have now lived through the snow and depressing soul-stealing cold– and i STILL don't know how these folks do it. i would live inside a dishwasher before i would live here past the time it takes me to get this graduate degree!

    BUT. the people here are super nice for the most part. and if you turn on the southern accent they get all gooey.

    and you, frankly, look beautiful. i've been scouring for some jean shorts in boston recently so that i can do that, too. love it!

  • Simmsie

    This outfit is so cute. It looks so casual and comfy.

  • juliamarisa

    no, def keep the hat and scarf. they add interest to the outfit because of the color. you look really cute today. also, ITS SNOWING IN CHARLESTON. south carolina. apparently hawaii is the only state in the country right now without snow accumulating. its even snowing in florida! those 2012ers got it wrong. the world is obviously ending now.

  • Michelle

    I am a new reader of your blog, loving it so far! Enjoy the snow, we have quite a pile here in the Queen City as well!

  • Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion)

    You look very cute today, especially in your close up!

  • Sidewalk Chalk

    You look chic and adorable — love this combination!

    – JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

  • Fell 4 Fashion

    U look fabulous!! We got snow too, and yes, we are so excited!!! We never get inches, so this is a big deal!! :)

  • Brittany

    I'm from Virginia Beach, and we've had the most snow here this year in about 25 years.. people are crazy here too! And no one has a clue how to drive in it so the whole city just shuts down!

    Your scarf is adorable, I love all of your layers in this outfit!

  • Jessica

    Great photos, you are so pretty! I love your hat and boots.

  • Wicked Thrifty- Formerly The Thrifty Stylist

    adorable! love the tights and boots. i tried it and my legs are too thick and stumpy :*(

    wonderful photos. happy for you for your snow- here in boston we have NONE and i want to go snowshoeing!

  • manhandslizzie

    I came from a country that has two seasons: wet and dry (hahaha). When I came to the US, knowing clothes are seasonal here, I had this plan to buy shorts and other summer things during the winter because they'd be on sale. But I just felt uneasy going through the racks while I'm wearing a trench coat and hat. It seemed surreal. You look very happy and lovely in that outfit you just threw on. It suits you well!


    I just found your blog, thanks to the Thrifty School Marm (she's on blogger- thriftyschoolmarm.blogspot) very cute outfit and i love the way you label your pieces!! way too clever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! see you again real soon!

  • myedit

    You make tights and shorts look so damn cool… I'm tempted to try it.
    How the hell is it that you are getting more snow than us, and we live in Canada…what in the heck!

  • Lexie

    i'm from tennessee, so i know all about how riled up Southerners get over snow! i've spent the last three winters in school in illinois, and i still get sooooo excited after big snow storms!

  • La Historiadora de Moda

    Great outfit! I love the shorts over tights on you!

    I am from Texas. I now live in the Midwest. Driving in snow still terrifies me, and the truth is the people where I live aren't too great at it even though it snows quite a bit here every year.

  • Kathryn

    You totally inspired me to try a very similar look yesterday. I found it a bit too cold for upstate NY but felt super cute.

  • Emily Kennedy

    We all look homeless in the winter. Moving from California to Kansas, this was quite the shock. You were wise to not lose the hat and scarf. You just have to rock as many items as possible, and tell the voice in your head that it's not too much. Because it more than likely won't be. Another shock: getting ready takes much longer. Putting on all those extra layers actually takes time.

  • Tieka, Selective Potential

    Love your many layers! That's the way to beat this weather… lots and lots of layers. And willpower. Hehe! :)

  • Linda

    hope my last comment wasn't too mean and that you realize i'm just totally jealous of your warm weather location. :)